Meet the Alligators


Kate Waggoner

Jabba and Bayou hanging out in their interior habitat. Once temperatures warm-up they will have access to their outside enclosure. They are located in the village of the Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon.

Riley Stever, Staff Writer

There are two Alligators that live at the Wildlife Safari. Their names are Jabba, who is 24 years old, and Bayou, who is 13 years old. They can live to be up to 50 years old in captivity. Jabba and Bayou are both males.

Alligators can be found all over the world, typically in swamps, marshes, and still waters. If Jabba and Bayou lived out in the wild, their diet would include fish, turtles, and any small animals they could get. At the Wildlife Safari their diet mainly consists of rats.

Alligators do not have a population concern right now. They are currently considered of least concern. Alligators were endangered at one time though. They were on the list of endangered animals for about 20 years due to poaching and habitat loss. Alligators were taken off the endangered list in 1987.

The Wildlife Safari acquired Jabba and Bayou after they were surrendered by their previous owners, who kept them as pets. They were not hurt by their previous owners, but Jabba did gain a bone disease. Jabba has metabolic bone disease because when he was younger, he was not provided with the correct nutrients for development.

Alligators are interesting creatures. Some people tend to confuse alligators and crocodiles, but they are different in a few ways. Crocodiles only live in saltwater while alligators live in freshwater. Crocodiles also have triangle shaped noses while alligators do not. Additionally, alligators have some interesting characteristics. For example alligators go through almost 3,000 teeth in their life.

When you take a visit to the Wildlife Safari, you can see Jabba and Bayou; they live in the gator house which is located in the Village. They will either be inside the gator house where you would be able to see them through a window or outside of the gator house in their pool area. The Village is always free, so stop by and check out the alligators soon!