Dangerous New Trend: The Tide Pod Challenge

Cord Mincher, Staff Writer

Why is everybody joking about eating these laundry detergent pods? Why is it so funny when they make these jokes? Why is everybody doing it? And How dangerous is this challenge?

The Tide Pods were released in 2012 by the well known Tide laundry detergent company. Large amounts of Tide Pod poisoning were reported in 2013 to poison control centers involving small children consuming the pods. Supposedly the children thought that the pods looked like candy.

Last month (December 2017), as a joke, this became a challenge: eat the Tide Pods yourself! What could go wrong? So far a lot of people, mostly teens, have done this challenge. Just like the bath-salt challenge, eraser challenge, and the deodorant spray challenge, the Tide Pod challenge has become popular. And, like these previous challenges, the Tide Pod challenge is dangerous and unhealthy.

The joke/challenge is very popular and frankly I see how it is funny, but don’t give in to it. It is very dangerous and benefits you in no ways. You have to pay bills for the hospital, you might die, you’ll get sick, and no one will think you’re cool, only stupid. You doing it may convince your friends to do it too, but you don’t want your friends to copy you and end up dying, so don’t do it.