New Oregon Laws Going Into Effect in January


Image used under the Creative Commons License via Wikimedia Commons.

Emma Gonzalez, Staff Writer

In January 2020 there will be many new laws going to effect and while not all of them are noticeable, there will definitely be a few that will directly impact everyday life.

Law HB 2509 bans stores or restaurants from giving their patrons any plastic bags. Starting January 1st, plastic bags will no longer be distributed except for very special occasions. If the store or restaurant wants to give their customers a paper alternative, the customer will be charged at least 5 cents (Mcdowell 1). This law is an attempt to help reduce the amount of plastic waste in the world as over 8 million tons of plastic going into our oceans per year (Facts 1).

Another new law that cuts back on plastic use is law SB 90. Law SB 90 says that stores or restaurants cannot give out plastic straws. Although this law isn’t completely new, it is still pretty influential on our daily lives.  Plastic straws will still be available at most establishments, but the patron will have to ask for one. (Mcdowell 1)

Also if you ride a bicycle this may be useful to know. Law SB 998 now allows cyclists to simply yield at traffic signs instead of completely stopping. Though some could argue that this new law is rather dangerous, some cyclists may find it convenient. (Mcdowell 1)

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