Wouldn’t I Still Be Me?

Jaycie Hale, Staff Writer

I like tacos with
cheese, lettuce, sour cream,
and hot sauce. I like
my burritos with hot
sauce and orange chicken
with my rice.

But say I prefer
my orange chicken
without rice, and my
burritos without hot
sauce. Wouldn’t I still
be me?

I also like sweatpants
and sweatshirts
with checkerboard Vans.

But if I traded
them in for jeans
and a t-shirt
with Nikes,
wouldn’t I still be me?

If I stopped playing
sports, wouldn’t I
still be me?

If I changed my
SnapChat handle or
quit TikTok tomorrow
wouldn’t I still be me?

If I played any
other sport wouldn’t
I still be me?

But what if I laughed
less, stopped smiling, and
became mean?

What if I was not
afraid of snakes?

What if I never
missed my

Would I still be me?