The Little Leperchaun

Jaycie Hale, Staff Writer

Once , a time not long ago there was a little leprechaun named Juke. He would walk around town trying to find chocolate. He has noticed in the past couple years that people have been trying to catch him. He thought that he was going to be caught and never be able to see his family ever again. He knew that he was going to die. He had to tell his family but when he got home they were gone! He had to find them where they were already caught. He screamed and yelled but no response. He started to get really worried because who would take care of him if he didn’t have any family he was only 10. He wanted to send out a search warrant but no one could know him because he didn’t want to be caught.
Hours,days,weeks,months of looking he realized that he would never find them again. He walked home crying but he was so lost so he decided to sleep in a box because he was so scared. He thought that if he went to sleep that someone would catch him and hurt him. He had to sleep but where so he had to find a map to get home he was desperately looking he didn’t know what to do. After seeing a map he knew what way he had to go he had to go north.
After spending 3 long nights out on the streets he finally made it back to his town where he felt the most safe he looked all around one more time just to see if his family was there but no luck. Once he arrived home he looked at the calendar “holy luck charms St Patrick’s day is next week” said Juke. He knew that he couldn’t get caught or he would DIE. he decided to go to sleep because he must have not slept for like 5 days before going to sleep he thought about his family and that he could be caught any day. By time he finally fell asleep he was crying very hard.
“Wow it’s bright” said Juke after seeing the light coming through his blinds. Juke thought it was the next day but he actually slept for 3 days straight. He got up thinking he still had time before st Patrick’s day came. He went out for lunch and finally after he got back to his house he realized that st Patrick’s day was tomorrow.
He hurried to get all his green and got all dressed up. By time he was all ready he was all green. He walked around town and went shopping while getting some ice cream. He heard the familiar voice she said hi son before turning around he said mom? This was the best day of his life he ran and gave his whole family a hug. He now didn’t have to worry about being caught.