The Valentine’s Day Dance

Daizy Gehrke, Staff Writer

Everyone says that I’m a hopeless romantic. I happen to disagree. I just believe that love is the purpose of our existence. We need and want love every day. Even if you don’t realize it. Sure, we need the simple things. Food, water, shelter. But what most people realize is that we need love and affection to keep sane. To stay human. It is just as vital as food or water or shelter. May it be a family member, friends, or even a crush, that can make you happy. In my case it is a friend and a crush.

I have a major crush on this guy. His name is Xavier Eaton. He is what you would call the typical popular guy. He is athletic, has lots of friends, and almost never has a girlfriend (Which sucks for me), and is a little bit of a trouble maker. However I am the complete opposite. I am a nerd. Glasses, ponytail, i always have a book somewhere near me. Somehow we are friends. We actually grew up together. I have known him since… well forever. We literally shared a crib. What he doesn’t know is that I’ve had a crush on him for almost three years.

I sighed and stared at him from the other side of the room. He had dark black hair that was always a mess, a slight smile on his face as he laughs at something his friends said, and dark blue eyes that seem to trap me every time. Like a dark sea that has a never ending bottom. Suddenly he turns, then he winks at me and turns back around. I could feel the blood rushing to my cheeks as I looked down in my lap. This was normal, but that doesn’t mean I blushed every. Single. Dang. Time. The bell rings, interrupting my thoughts. I watch as he watches his friends leave then he turns and walks to me. I start shoving my books in my bag.

“Thinking about me?” He asks. He leans against the desk. Yes. I roll my eyes and shake my head. Laughing slightly. I push my glasses up my nose and stand up.

“In your dreams, Xavy.” Xavy is his nickname that he hates and i love to call him. He scowls at me. We began walking out the classroom. We are talking mainly about random stuff when someone stops in front of me. I look up too see Jayson. Jayson is the main person behind my bullying. Then he pushes me. Causing my bag to fall on the floor, scattering my books and meaningless papers. I saw Xavier freeze behind me. He was obviously mad.

Xavier was really nice and sweet but when it comes to his friends he has a short temper. His hands balled into fists. He turned, now facing Jayson. “What was what for?” Xavier snapped. I shook my head, trying to tell him to knock it off. Jayson looked at Xavier, slight surprise painted on his face. “You can’t just do that to somebody. Do you know what?” He pauses and looks down at me. “Never mind.”

I sigh in relief. began to grab my stuff off the ground. Xavier began to help me. Together we picked up the papers and the millions of books. What? Don’t judge me i like to read. Xavier was the first to break the silence. “Does that happen often?” I just shrug. In all honesty it happens all the time but i didn’t need Xavier to know that it would only make him angry. Silence fell over us again as we began to walk. But it wasn’t awkward. More like a peaceful silence.Then I saw it. A large banner two student were hanging up. It read the five words that me give me a shot. “VALENTINE’S DAY DANCE COMING UP!!!” I look to my left to see Xavier looking up at the banner. A small frown rest on his face. This is it, I’m going to ask him to the dance.

The rest of school passed in a blur. I am currently sitting on my teal bed daydreaming about him saying yes to me. A knock interrupts my thoughts. It’s about 830 at night, my parents are asleep, and my younger brother, Caleb, is in his room. Suddenly I heard a thud on my window. I look at it, confused. When I hear another thus I stand up and walk over to the window. What I saw next surprised me, majorly. The was a grinning Xavier. He had a handle of pebbles. Then he droops the pebbles and grabs a giant cutout piece of cardboard. I gasp when I see what it read. “WILL YOU GO TO THE DANCE WITH ME???” I PUT A HAND OVER MY MOUTH AND NOD RAPIDLY.
That is the story on how I ended up at the valentines day dance with the coolest person in school. It was short but its how it went. I hope you enjoyed it!