All The Single Ladies

Maelee Calvert, Staff Writer

Brooklyn is a junior in highschool and loves to play sports. She has a boyfriend named Jay. Jay only comes over for special occasions. He sits at home and plays his xbox the whole day. Brooklyn thinks that he is going to get sick from not having enough sunlight.

Brooklyn’s birthday is coming up fast and she hopes that Jay will come to it. This is her sweet sixteenth birthday party and she wants the person that she has been dating for 2 years to be there. She would feel really bad if he was not there because she will think that he does not care about her.

Today is her birthday and she went out with her friends to go birthday shopping. She doesn’t know that her brother and mom are decorating her party room for her. All she can think about is if Jay is going to be there. This means that she will be stressed out the whole day instead of feeling happy that it is her birthday that she will remember for her whole life.

She gets to the party room in her house and everyone that she knows is there waiting there for her and her friends to get there. They all come walking in and everyone is hiding. She walks in and everyone except for Jay is there. She is at her party waiting for him to show up. By the end of her party he didn’t show up at all.

A couple of weeks later she goes to his house and tells him there are breaking up. Jay starts to make up excuses for why he couldn’t go to her Birthday. Brooklyn knows he is lying because of the look on his face. When she left, Jay stopped her and said,“ You should of never had to put up with that for so long.”

The next year was the best days of her life. She was free to do whatever she wanted to without worrying about if Jay was coming or not. She was hanging out with her friends all day at the mall and spending time with her family.

She said it felt good being like all the other single ladies.