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Jaycie Hale, Staff Writer

Have you ever had a monster chase you before because same. It was October 31st (Halloween night) I was going trick or treating and i noticed that this strange creature was following me. He was really hairy and had really big feet and hands. I didn’t think anything of it I was just walking and all the lights shut off like the power when out in the whole city. I turned on my flashlight on my phone so I could find my way back to my friends house. As soon as I turned on my flashlight that creature was still falling me and i asked can i help you with something and he didn’t say anything so I turned and started to walk trying to reassure myself that I was just seeing things. Then i heard something in the bush so I turned and said how can i help you, do you need some light? Next thing I know I am running away from this thing that is saying wanna be friends. I was forgetting the streets but I ran and ran, I started to get a little tired but I keep on running. I ran down 3rd street then I ended up on 10th street. my friend’s house was 12th street. I tried to think how to get to my friends house the only place from where I was the I knew how to get to was my history teacher Mrs. Potter’s. I thought no that’s a bad idea to try to knock on Mrs. Potter’s door all I wanted to do was be home with my family but I knew that was never going to happen if I stop running. I thought this was the end I was never going to see my family again. I got the idea to go on my phone and try to call for help my first contact was my friend Emily’s which was the friend that I was staying with so, I called her and she didn’t answer so i thought maybe call your friend that is always on her phone Leann. I called Leann and right when she answered I tripped. the last thing I remember was her yelling what’s happening where are you?

I woke up in this black room and there was that weird creature in the darkness he slowly was getting closer. I started crying saying what do you want from me I will give you anything if just let me go home to my family. He slowly came closer to me were I could fully see him i asked, “What are you?” he just stood there looking into my eyes. After like 10 minutes of staring into each others eyes he said in a very soft voice wanna be my snack “no” I replied I tried to get up but he had me strapped to the table. I needed to get loose but how? I remembered that I had a pair of scissors in my pocket so I wiggled trying to get them out to cut me free.i finally cut myself free i ran out of the black room he had me in and i ended up outside. I started running but I was lost I didn’t know where I was so I ran through 12th street when I saw the sign I had a sigh of relief I was on my friends street. I ran as fast as I could to her door step and ran inside I asked her parents to drive me home. In the car they asked where was I all night I didn’t want to tell them what happened so I made up a fake story saying that i was staying at another friend’s house instead. They told my parents what had happened when I got home. I got grounded. Then later that night Leann called me and asked what had happened the night before so i told her the story very quietly but I didn’t know that my parents were listening to the whole thing. After the call was over my parents asked me about it and I explained to them what had really happened. They said they understood. They asked why I didn’t tell them “I didn’t think you would believe me” I replied. my mom told me that of course she would believe me and if that happens again call the cops.