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Haven Smith, Staff Writer

It was around Halloween. We didn’t know what we were going to do on Halloween. We didn’t want to go trick or treating or anything. So we sat for a little bit, and I was on my phone scrolling through a website when I saw this sale online and it says, “Come down to the Geiser Grand Hotel, we have rooms for u. Meet the ghost maybe they will like u back.” I got up and said, “/Hey guys listen to this.” After reading it, we were all like, “Yeah, there is no ghost there no way. They are just trying to scare us.” And so we all did some thinking and we decided on going because we had nothing else better to do. It was a bit away, so we all got in the car and left. As we got there and sighted in, my whole body started to shiver. We were standing there looking at everything and then the guide just came out of nowhere and scared the crap out of me. She showed us our rooms, and I am not gonna lie it gave me a weird vibe but I just went with it. The beds were so comfy I kinda fell asleep but I was awaken by a big bang and I looked up and and looked around I was the only one in the room.

As I got up I suddenly got really cold and I just felt like I assent the only one in the room. I thought my brain was just messing with my head and I just needed to sleep but I looked in the lamp and the lamp MOVED BY ITSELF!!!!!!!! I got up really fast I thought for a sec’ OK ghosts aren’t real, they are not here with me I just need to calm down. So as I walked out to see my friends chilling, I got some food at Subway. I got some ice cream afterwards but when we were in the car going back to our hotel, I told them everything and they did not believe me at all the thought I was just making things up just to scare them.

So I said, “bet.” As we were opening the door to our hotel room every light was on there were things everywhere and so we had to clean it up. But as we were cleaning it up we all heard this weird noise coming from the bathroom, but there was no one there. I looked at all my friends and was like ‘we need to get out of here,’ but they wanted to stay I just wanted to go home. But I stayed which was a bad idea. After that when we were all just chilling on our beds getting ready to go to bed, all the lights turned on then off 2 times. I looked at all my friends and said, “I am done. I have been spooked too may times. I don’t care if you come with me, but I am going to pack my things and leave. I know I have said that ghosts aren’t real and they are just trying to scare us but there are more people than just us. We are not alone. We need to leave.” As I was packing up, I felt like someone just grabbed my arm but all my friends were sleeping. Then I felt something touch my foot and I was done. I was out and over with staying there, So I got in a taxi and left. I don’t know what my friends did that night.