The Train

Kaya Heath, Staff Writer

It was a snowy Christmas Eve, that much was expected. What wasn’t expected was a boy as young as nine years old to be questioning the existence of Santa. Seeing as nothing ever went as expected, that what was happening. The young boy laid awake in his bed with millions of thoughts flying around in his head. He wanted to believe that the man in the red suit was real but the facts don’t support his belief. `How could Santa travel so fast? How could reindeer fly?’ questions like this wouldn’t leave his head so he could get some rest for tomorrow. He knew it would be a long day full of squealing, and he wanted to be excited but just couldn’t with the doubts in his head.

Suddenly there’s a sound outside, a sound like a train. The young boy was finally starting to feel tired, so he tried to ignore. The train didn’t like that and whistled again. It sounded like it had stopped right outside his window. Trains never stopped at his house, so this was unusual and peaked his interest. Walking over to his window, he saw a black train that stood out among the snow.

The conductor was yelling and trying to get the boy to come on the train. The boy however had some common sense and stayed where he was. The conductor grew tired of waiting, he was gonna be late anyway, so he got back in the train and signaled for it to continue moving. The train continued to move and the boy was left alone with his thoughts again.

All night he would stay up wondering if he made the right decision. That morning while watching the news, he was glad he didn’t go. A train had crashed on ice up north. He recognized
it as the train he had seen last night. All day he realized that staying put was the best decision, however he couldn’t help but doubt the existence of Santa.