Natalie Hernandez, Staff Writer

Thousands of unwanted, neglected, and stray animals pour into animal shelters everyday, overflowing the good homes available to take them in. We can try and reduce the cycle of animal births, homelessness, and deaths but to do that we must address the root of the problem. Think of it like this you’re walking next to the river and a kitten floats by, you jump in and save it another one floats by, so you save that one too. Then another and another float by, you soon realize you can’t save them all; so you go upstream to see who is throwing them in the water and stop them.
Although not all animal shelters are the same, fortunate homeless and unwanted animals end up in the hundreds of open-admission shelters that are staffed by professional, caring people. Here frightened, sick, injured animals are taken care of and receive needed treatment and love or even a peaceful end of their suffering.
We all love puppies and kittens or basically any baby animal, or some goals are to get a pet that you can grow old with, and hardly any one wants the old dogs or cats so you aim for the younger ones. And that leaves the older dogs and cats to the pound which will soon run out of room and some pounds not all, SOME. Euthanize them, or the ones that have been there the longest. So maybe instead of heading straight for the puppies or kittens try looking at the older dogs.
Interested in getting a furry companion? Well if so, you could simply head to a local animal shelter and adopt a cat/kitten or dog/puppy and not only would you be gaining a new friend you would also giving a cat or dog another chance at life.