Why You Should Stop Smoking

Kamryn Geise, Staff Writer

Most cigarettes contain over 4,000 toxic and harmful chemicals. Smoking cigarettes is one of the only two legal consumer product that kills you when used as directed. Tobacco is the only crop ever discovered to have the drug nicotine in it. Nicotine can kill a person in less than an hour if even the smallest bit is injected into the blood-stream. Cigarettes contain only a tiny portion of nicotine. It doesn’t kill immediately however, after time, it can kill you. Nicotine is what make cigarettes so addictive. Nicotine causes cravings, anxiety, depression, and a form of emptiness.

Nicotine can get into the blood-stream which can get into every single organ in your body. You won’t be poisoning just your lungs, you are especially hurting your brain and heart. When nicotine gets inside the brain it releases a hormone named epinephrine. This hormone causes the nervous system to over work itself, increases blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing.

Smoking has been connected to many diseases, mostly heart, brain, and lung diseases. It can also be linked to pneumonia. Many chemicals cause stroke, heart attacks, cataracts, and bronchitis. Woman who smoke can cause their children to have behavior problems, premature birth, and underweight birth. Also, women who smoke while pregnant can have more miscarriages then women who don’t smoke.