Emily Geise, Staff Writer

Dullahan is a fairy in irish mythology. You may know about the headless horseman from the movie sleepy Hollow and it’s the same thing. Dulhan isa headless man riding a horse wearing a black cape. In his left hand, he has a human spine for a whip, and his right hand he has his face which has a smile on it.

The dullihan rides to the area in which the death will take place and calls the name of the person he is going to kill. The story goes that if you see a dullahan, someone, or you will die in the area immediately. Dullahans do not like it when other people watch him kill the person with his whip, so if he catches you looking he will use his whip to make you blind, or cover you in blood. The blood he will cover you in is the blood of the person he had just killed.

There had been many Dullahan sightings, and the person who saw him will tell someone about him and then will die. There are only two ways to permanently kill a dullahan and those two ways are destroy its head and body at the same time or return the the head the dullahan had in life to get to the rider.For some reason, the dullahan has a huge fear of gold, and even a tiny amount will scare him off. So, hopefully if you see him you know what to do.