15 Things People Under 18 Can Do to Help Keep Our Earth Clean


Image used on the Creative Commons License via Pixabay.com.

Lizzie Richards, Staff Writer

1. We can start composing our banana peels,orange skins, eggshells,apple cores, and anything that is fruit. You put dirt into a mason jar or any type of container then you mashup the things you want to compose and bury it in the dirt then wait. After a few weeks put more in and repeat.

2. Buy reusable coffee cups and straws to reduce waste. Using plastic can build up in landfills and take 200 years to decompose.

3. Bring reusable bags. Non plastic bags can be used millions of times compared to plastic bags that can only be used at least four or five times. Also they don’t charge you fifteen cents for a reusable bag unlike plastic bags. It saves the earth and money.

4. Another way to keep the earth clean is to recycle. All you do is keep all plastic bottles and glass bottles then take them to the nearest grocery store that takes your bottles for money.Recycling plastic bottles and glass can gain you money and help keep the earth clean.

5. Use a clothesline. Instead of using the dryer all the time hang your clothes outside and it will keep them fresher longer.

6. Don’t waste napkins. Humans tend to take more than we need, when you go to a restaurant take one maybe two napkins at the most until you use all of them then go get one more. This can save utilities and resources.

7. When taking notes or using paper use the whole paper. Paper is made from trees and trees filter our air which keeps us healthy.

8. Buy second hand toys. I don’t mean like broken toys but toys that are in good condition that can go home and be played with again.

9. Turn off lights when you are not in the room. This keeps your power bill down and keeps the earth clean and healthy.

10. Instead of throwing away newspapers and junk mail go to a safe spot and burn it once a month. To reduce trash in the landfill

11. Instead of using a coffee stirrer use a spoon. Millions of coffee stirrers are thrown away in a day. Just use a spoon and wash it then you can reuse it.

12. Use rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries mean less batteries have to be used and wasted.

13. Instead of always driving around go skating to wear you need to go maybe even bike or walk. Using your car less can mean less pollution and oil usages.

14. While you are composing maybe use that composed dirt for soil and grow your own food to reduce transportation costs and it proves that it doesn’t have pesticides or harmful chemicals.

15. Last but not least go out and pick up some trash and throw it away. There is litter all around us go to a park or along the road and pick up some trash you see. You don’t even have to do it on purpose maybe you’re out with friends and you see some trash pick it up and throw it away

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