How Kids Can Help the Planet

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Galo Parker, Staff Writer

Just because you are a kid doesn’t mean You can’t help the planet. There are many things you can do.

1. One way is to use non-toxic cleaners. The reason is because it will not harm all the natural stuff at your house.

2. Another thing is to use less water. Whether it is to take shorter showers or what, but it allows water to circulate and there is more.

3. One other thing that can be done is to turn lights off when not in use. This can help save power, or just switch to solar power.

4. Use paper wisely. You can reuse paper scraps, and you can also use the back of paper.

5. Pick up trash on the street. This is a way to help the environment and make it look better.

6. Use biodegradable resources. This includes plastic bags, soap, wipes, etc.

7. Do not use styrofoam. It can release toxins when heated, which can harm the environment. Instead, use air bags.

8. Conserve the resources that you have. For example, don’t throw out food, but save it.(Unless if it spoiled)

9. Volunteer to help clean up parks or rivers, which will help the ecosystem.

10. Plant trees. Trees help produce oxygen.

11. Use bikes instead of cars. Cars use up oil, which will weaken ecosystems. Also, riding bikes is a good way to get exercise.

12. Spread awareness of environmental issues. Having others know about the issues can have more people helping.

13. Use less pesticides and chemicals. Most of the time, they end up in the ocean, killing many animals.

14. Use less materials when building. Try building with used materials from the store. It can be a waste of resources and money to buy something you already have.

15. Properly take care of wastes. If it is trash, throw it out. If it’s recycling, recycle it. And then, if it is a battery, properly dispose of it at a special place.

So, These are just some ways people, especially kids, can help the environment. Thank you for reading this.