The Stanley Hotel

Miguel Viera

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. Photo used under the Creative Commons License via

Geneva Carpenter, Staff Writer

My fall report is on the Stanley Hotel and how it is haunted, what’s the backstory, what has happened to it, why it is haunted, and what town it is in. The Stanley Hotel is in Colorado. It is a historical hotel, influential, and haunted. This hotel was opened in 1909 and is located in Estes Parks Colorado.

It is said to be haunted by several different ghosts, from the past two owners to children, and even a couple’s pet. In 1926, Stanley sold his hotel for the sole purpose of running it. The venture failed for Stanley so in 1999 he purchased his property again but out of foreclosure selling it again to a fellow automobile and hotel magnate. The person Stanley sold it to was Roe Emery of Denver.

The story of the Stanley Hotel itself started back in 1903, when Yankee inventor Freelan Oscar Stanley arrived in the valley very weak and underweight from symptoms of consumption. To Yankees amazement of the hotel, just one season there was enough to restore his health to normal. Overjoyed, he vowed to return every summer for the rest of his life.

The reason the hotel is haunted is that they are liminal spaces, in-between spots that are meant to host travelers only as they briefly go about their business. That transience, combined with the general drama of human existence and a century or so of history, is possibly what makes the Stanley Hotel one of the most haunted places in the nation.

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