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The Colorful World of Tie-Dye

Anna McKenna, Staff Writer

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Making bright and prismatic clothes and a fun craft to do with family and friends that only takes 6-8 hours to set colorful stylish clothing that can be almost any plain white clothing in the back of your closet that’s going to waste. Taking plain clothing and making it full of color by dyeing it colors of mixture of your choice! Tie dyeing is a wonderful Activity for any warm summer or spring outside with family.

How do you tie dye?

Most ways you can get tie dye is in a prepackage at your local Walmart or any stores around you. 1. The first step for making tie dye shirt is to wash your plain clothing for extra oils and usually set up tarps for less of a mess 2. The second step would be to prepare heated water and soak for about 5-10 mins, 3. The third step is to twist, tie or fold your shirt into the pattern you would like, 4. Step four consists of making chemical water the recipe of chemical water is ¾ cup of urea, 2 spoon fills of lucidol, and an optional 1 teaspoon water softener every quart of heated water. You then will mix dye powder and the water.

5. After step four you will proceed to dye your clothing and then will let them sit for a few mins still twisted.

6. Step six you will need gloves so, you don’t get stained with bright colors as you place fabric under cold water and unwrap rinsing until you get bored of rinsing. Loose dye will look gross brown or black but don’t worry your colors are still one you picked.

Who came up with tie dye?

Interesting fact Ancient India tribes called the Shipibo and Yine of the Peruvian Amazon were found to have a practice technique sort of like modern today dye for clothing. In the 1960s the days of peace and Hippies a man, Don Price a marketer for Hellmann’s Mayonnaise stared a campaign for Rit Dye a company that stared around the 50s that was struggling. Greenwhich Village the town which Price went door to doors looking for artist willing to use Rit dye for tie dyeing experiment. Finally, two retired artists Will and Eileen Richardson who did what they were told. Price showed Richardson family pieces to Fashion editors. Then a clothing designer Haltson stared using the bright colors in his designs and celebs and 60s modern-day generation had sprung to make or wear the colorful dyes.

What patterns can be used?

There are more than 16 different ways to make your colors mix into your T-shirt make unique fun patterns. Stephane Lynn the woman I got most of my information on about patterns says there’s many tips and tricks to making fantastic colorful results. When doing these tricks make sure your creasing and normally combining primary colors.

Accordion folded stripe – This design one color stripes usually going down horizontal pattern.

Dimond pattern – Outer edges of the design are triangles and process repeat down with diamonds.

Folded Accordion – Normal pattern but going down vertical striped or folded like tiger.

Box pattern – Of course this consist of bunch of colorful squares.

Over the millions of years tie dye has increased in many ways leaving the world covered in flawless styles. This fun and interesting activity is amazing creation that conjure so much entertainment and pastime you could do with friends. The fact a business man for a mayonnaise company helped create creation that we today call Tie Dye is craft miracle and gorgeous appearance.

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The Colorful World of Tie-Dye