History of Halloween

Image under the Creative Commons License via Wikimedia.

Image under the Creative Commons License via Wikimedia.

Julia Schmidt, Staff Writer

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Halloween originated 2,000 years ago from an ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. It was believed that it was the day when spirits would cross over into the other world. The tradition of dressing in costumes is thought to come from when people would disguise themselves and knock on doors asking for food. The practice could also be related to a medieval custom in Britain and Ireland when poor people would knock on doors asking for food in exchange for prayers. Christians felt concerned that Halloween is satanic because the roots are in a pagan ritual. In the late 1800s the tradition of pranks began in the United States and Canada, which included throwing eggs at houses. If you can believe it, bobbing for apples is a Halloween tradition from the colonial era of America for telling fortunes. Carving pumpkins dates back to the Celts when they would carve faces in vegetables to light the way to their home for good spirits.

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