Chinese New Year

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Julia Schmidt, Staff Writer

Did you know that China doesn’t celebrate new year on December 31 or January 1. China celebrates in late January-early February and this year it is going to be on January 25. The Chinese New Year never has a set date. They call this holiday Spring Festival or the Lunar New Year. To help determine the date, it always starts with a new moon and end on a full moon (Hinsbergh 1). Around 3500 years ago they started celebrating ,they did this to honor there gods (Tang 1).

During their new year they do four main things decorate, family time, firecrackers, fireworks, and New year gifts.They mainly decorate in red, because they think it is a lucky color, they use lanterns and couplets for decorating.The new year dinner is called a “reunion dinner” and is the most important dinner of the year. They set off billions of fireworks each year for the celebration. They also have a festival with dragons and plenty of other things.(Hinsbergh 1)
In china they have plenty of lucky things to do and eat. Lucky things you can eat are dumplings, spring rolls,and lucky fruit for wealth (Tang).These are only a few lucky food they eat, some even eat fish or Niangao( rice cake).

These are the main things they do on their new year. They do plenty of fun things, they even have a few lucky things you need to try. Eating dumplings and some lucky fruit can give you good wealth.China has plenty of fun ways to celebrate the holiday.