The Pooka

Julia Schmidt, Staff Writer

The púca or pooka is a mythical creature found in Ireland. Púcas are shapeshifters that can turn into many things like horse, rabbit, goat,or goblin, but it is more commonly a horse (Roisin 1). In Ireland the púcas is one of the most feared creatures because it comes out at night to cause mischief.

Not only can it shapeshift, it can speak. The púca isn’t always bad though it can sense and warn of any danger (Longáin 1). In some places it’s not even bad at all, just very mysterious (Roisin 1). If you are lucky the púca will talk to you and let you ride it (Longáin 1). When you ride it’s been said it will give you a wild ride and do death defying stunts, but never actually harm the rider. It has also been said that when it talks to you it just disappears making you wonder if the time spent talking was real (Longáin 1).

The púca can be found anywhere, other countries in Ireland have different Púcas. (Roisin 1)They like open mountains so they can run around. Plenty of lakes in the mountains are called Pollaphuca or pooka meaning demon hole. Púcas have a day on November 1st .There have been plenty of stories about púcas, even movies.The Irish meaning of púca means goblin (Cove 1).

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