Oregon Spider Causes Car Accident

Marisa Schultz, Staff Writer

There have been many reports of car crashes caused by spiders. A Portland-area spider was involved in a rollover accident on October 5, 2016 when the driver of the car she was riding in misunderstood her friendly attempts at interaction for a threat and rolled the car into a ditch.

According to KOMO News, “the spider was catching a ride in a local woman’s Toyota Camry through the Bonny Slope area of Northwest Portland.” Around the intersection of NW Thompson and McDaniel Roads, the spider dropped from the spiders hiding place behind the Camry’s rearview mirror and startled the driver so much that she lost control of the wheel, drove off the road, and then rolled into a ditch.

Washington County Sheriff deputies arrived on the scene soon after and found the Camry on its side in the ditch with the shocked driver still inside. Deputies reduced the road to one lane for a bit while they pulled the crashed Toyota out of the ditch and issued first aid to the driver. Thankfully, the driver was mostly unharmed and suffered only a minor scratch on her hand.

The condition and location of the spider are currently unknown, but after this incident the spider will probably think twice about riding in cars with humans again.

This Information came from http://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/news/oregon-spider-causes-car-accident-was-only-trying-to-help/ar-BBwv9hc?ocid=iehp