Laser Light Assembly

Warrior Staff

On Thursday, December 1st, WMS students attended an assembly about lasers. Students got to watch a series of really cool laser light shows, listen to some awesome music, and learn about how lasers work.

During the assembly, 8th grader Lacey Landry got to demonstrate how our eyes can trick us into seeing things that aren’t actually there. She did this by swinging around a single green light bulb. As she swung it and it began to move faster, our eyes fill in the missing the image, so what we actually see is a circle rather than just a single light.

The presenter went on to show us a laser that was projected onto the wall. His assistant then blew up a balloon. We were asked to predict what would happen if the balloon were put directly into the path of the laser. Some students thought the balloon would pop, others believed the light would pass through the balloon, others believed the laser would make the balloon glow, and still others believed that the balloon would reflect the light and send it the other direction. Ultimately, when the balloon was placed in the laser the balloon glowed and some of the laser still passed through it and hit the wall. After about 30 seconds in the laser, the balloon popped.

We were then shown a cool laser show and asked to guess how many lasers were used to create the show. Guess ranged from 1 to more than 5. The speaker explained that light comes in 3 colors: red, green, and blue. From those three colors, all other colors in the laser show are made. All of the images we saw were actually all made from one laser.

Overall, it was a very illuminating assembly.