Is Dollar General Worth Your Dollar?

Jayden Knight, Staff Writer

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The chance that you live in Winston are pretty high. You need to know a good store to shop at. You also need to know if your spending too much money or, getting a good deal. Anyways I’m going to be reviewing the Winston Dollar General.

Dollar General is located on Main Street, right next to the Donut Shop. Their hours are, Monday-Sunday 8-10. Dollar General has a wide variety of things going from seasonal to food to party supplies. They even have Tracfone phones. For the most part they have Samsung Phones but, they also have iPhones.

Dollar General is known for their digital coupons. We have had such bad experience with those coupons. They barely work, like one time my father and I were trying to get some Tide soap for like $2.35 because, we had a coupon but, it wouldn’t take the coupon.

I will admit though, their prices are, for the most part, pretty reasonable. For example, you can get a 1.41-ounce bag of Caramel M&M’s for .85 cents or, you could get a box of 5,000 staples for $1.00.

Dollar General has a three-star rating on Yelp. I think that rating seems about right. I think Dollar General needs to fix the coupon thing though but once they do then this would probably be a more positive review.

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