Hunger Games Catching Fire Review

Riley Stever, Staff Writer

Hunger Games Catching Fire is the second movie in the Hunger Games series. The lead role is played by Jennifer Lawrence who portrays Katniss Everdeen and her co-star Josh Hutcherson who portrays Peeta Mellark.

Hunger Games Catching Fire is a nice film. The movie is very well put together with the plot being in good sequential order so it just makes sense and not having to rewatch it. Even though I’m sure we all can agree, we wish we were given more details on Katniss’s love triangle with Gale and Peeta. It almost feels as if Katniss herself wrote the script. The hunger games catching fire also introduces us to characters like Finnick Odair who provide a deeper look into the cruelty of Snow, the president of Panem. All together all the Hunger Games movies are very successful because of the focus on Katniss’s strengths and flaws, as well as not shying away from showing a range of emotions.

If you take a look at Jennifer Lawrence’s acting in Catching Fire you will be pleased. In the first movie, she has a really good scared mean girl act on but in catching fire she really shows us who Katniss is as a character. There are multiple scenes when she really digs deep and shows raw emotions, there is one scene that sticks out though. In this particular scene, Katniss is face to face with a traumatizing situation in front of her and we see how Jennifer Lawrence shows the overwhelmed, sad,and angry emotions that Katniss is going through to straight anger and determination in just minutes. Truly amazing.

Together Hunger Games Catching Fire is an amazing movie. They’re well put together and have amazing talented actors portraying every character. I would definitely recommend this movie.