Prey Movie Review

Ceyuni Dick, Staff Writer

In July of 2022, a science action film, Prey, was released. This movie stars Amber Midthunder, who plays Naru, and Dakota Beavers as Naru’s brother, Taabe. It had breakout success, but it didn’t sell well because it was named after another film from 2006.

This movie takes place in the year 1719, it involves a lot of action about a young indigenous woman from the Comanche tribe, Naru. She is trained as a healer but wants to be like her brother, Taabe, who is a great hunter. Naru soon finds herself trying to protect her tribe from a humanoid alien, Yautja, that hunts and kills people for fun.

Yautja is known as “predator” in the Comanche language. Yautja lives within a society that associates with trophy hunting to prove itself, this is why they hunt humans. Naru is also trying to achieve on becoming a great hunter in the Comanche tribe. You have to show proof of how big your catches have been to become a great hunter. Naru is trying to prove to her tribe she is a great hunter by showing the “trophy,” otherwise known as the animal she has caught, much like Yautja, the alien creature.

In the film it represents indigenous characters becoming heroes. This is an influence to native tribes, this is what makes this movie my favorite. Most indigenous characters are not represented enough in the popular movies; they are not seen or heard enough. The accuracy of most movies involving indigenous cultures is not all that great. Prey has a very accurate level of what Comanche people were like in the year 1719. Many indigenous critics have enjoyed Prey and are big fans of the film.

Prey has been my second favorite movie out of all of the movies involving predators. The storyline and plot are amazing and the movie seemed to be made with deep consideration. When the battle scenes are on I can feel the life come out of it. The fighting techniques from Naru are
all so skilled, she never backs down even if she gets hurt, she finishes what she starts.