Ceyuni Dick, Staff Writer

Going on a diet is not the right path to go down, though, it’s the most common weight loss solution. Diets are destructive and unhelpful, the negative impacts dieting can have on your body includes your health, body, and mental health.

More than $40 billion a year are spent on diet products,but it’s all still useless. University of California (UC) mentions, “Most people go on diets to lose weight but that lost weight gets obtained again after one to five years.” Negative health effects have been shown after regaining that lost weight.

Is destroying your body worth the weight loss? Missing out on important nutrients will slow down the body’s cycles. Nutrition is needed in the human body to help function properly, diets reduce that nutrition intake.

There are a lot more options on trying to lose weight that’s more healthy, nourishing food does exist and one can achieve a fit body without having to go on a diet. Food is fuel for the human body and can provide a lot more than you think.

Diets starve you, food is energy for the body. The foods you eat during a diet do not provide those needed nutrients. UC states that continuing to do that, can “slow down the body’s metabolism because it thinks you’re starving.”

A “healthy body” is expected when after completing your goal on a diet, of course, trying to achieve a healthy body is completely okay, but diets do not represent that. Healthy does not mean curvy, or a flat stomach, do not let that decide what a healthy body is.