Are Smartphones Ruining This Generation?

Vaimanino Polamalu, Staff Writer

Smartphones are not going to ruin this generation. This situation is the same as parents in the fifties thinking Elvis dancing is the devil.

Smartphones are a step in progression, not something that is tearing our society apart. Think about all of the things that would not have happened if phones were not around. A phone used to be the size of a room but now it is in your pocket. But like with all new things, people are not going to like it at first and need time to get used to it. As I said it’s the same situation with Elvis in the fifties and computers in the late seventies and eighties it is going to take time to get used to. Gary Vaynerchuk or Gary Vee is a best-selling author and philosopher who said “ Being concerned about cultural progression “damaging us as a society” always repeats itself with the current trend and will continue to play itself out again and again and again.”

Phones also let kids escape the real world and explore their identities online with people like them. Sharon Greenthal for HuffPost said “Smartphones have given kids the license to escape just about anything, and who can blame them? As a former champion of the escape via reading, I empathize with those kids who are sitting at a table in a restaurant surrounded by adults who have nothing to say to them beyond “how is school?” Go ahead, play Minecraft! Scroll Instagram! It’s more interesting than hearing about Aunt Sarah’s … job or Uncle Steve’s latest business failure.” So the internet is a place where people can escape and explore themselves.

Smartphones are also beneficial for small businesses. They make it easy for contacting employees. Jack Gordon for chron stated, “Cell phones make it possible for management and clients to interact with employees via quick text updates, which decreases the risk of misunderstandings and lost messages while freeing up time that would be spent on person-to-person meetings.” So smartphones will really help small business owners in contacting employees and clients, especially in events like the covid pandemic where we can not have meetings in person.

Phones are not going to ruin this generation and are really going to push our technology forward. Like Vaynerchuck said “What’s happening with technology in our culture and society is just evolution. Technology is not undermining real human interactions. Instead, it is exposing people for who they really are.”