Should Women Be Allowed to Play Football?

Kierra Bennett, Staff Writer

According to the, 83% of voters said that females should be allowed to play football and 17% said that they shouldn’t. Not all men are built stronger than women. Women can be built stronger and tougher than men. There is a saying everyone is built different which can even mean females being stronger than men, so why can’t they play football?

I’ve been playing football for four years and let me tell you I love the sport. I play outside of a team because I love the sport so much. I think that boys and girls should be allowed to play it. I didn’t get to play this year because my parents don’t want me to get hurt, but stick with what you love I wish I could have tried to play more. Although I kept begging, and got to play an extra year because I stuck with what I loved, you should try!

Many people say woman shouldn’t be allowed to play football. Many reasons are girls get hurt easier than men. Several say it could bring the team down with skill. I don’t think because if a girl is the same skill as a boy on the team how would it be any different than him being good and her being good. Men are more physical than woman. An average man is built stronger than a female in this case football would be more of a man’s, although there I strong woman.

Most sports are there Is a boys and girls league for example like baseball I softball. Have you ever seen a boy playing volleyball I have! Why can’t girls play football! I think that if a lot of people don’t think girls should why do men play volleyball? Maybe we can make a girl’s league for football like how there is for softball and baseball. Why not a girls and boys football league?