Three Reasons to Volunteer or Donate

Kamryn Geise, Staff Writer

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Spending time at a shelter or helping your community are both diverse yet equivalent ways to volunteer. Volunteering is a good way to spend time that could be wasted watching T.V. or playing on a phone. Volunteering makes you feel good about yourself and makes others feel good as well. Even donating money for a good cause or buying something that is donating money to a community cause or any kind or shelter.

You can always volunteer for your community, local events for the homeless, and/or animal shelter. Just picking weeds from your Grandmother’s garden or donating canned food to your local homeless shelter can make you so happy and can make a big difference. Donating money to an important cause or going to a bake sell for your local community park.

Volunteering makes you feel so happy and makes others happy as well. When you are appreciated for what you do makes you very proud of yourself. You can definitely make a difference holding charity drives and giving food, money, and clothing to people who need it more than you or others.

Now knowing this, go donate to a good cause, go join honor society (where you can volunteer and it goes on your collage credits), or go volunteer at a shelter of any sorts. I guarantee you will feel so happy to help others and feel so good to be active in your community.

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