Hungry? Try NoHo’s Hawaiian Cafe

Cord Mincher, Staff Writer

This weekend my family and I went down south to Medford for my wrestling tournament. We stayed the night in a hotel so we could wake up at a decent time, and we ate out. We decided that hawaiian food sounded good, and we searched up Hawaiian restaurants. Luckily, Noho’s Hawaiian cafe came up on the first page.
The rating on Google is 4.5 stars, and for a good reason. At Noho’s, they serve a wide variety of savory chicken, mostly teriyaki. They also serve delicious smelling beef and pork dishes, as well as noodles. They do not only serve Hawaiian food, though. Noho’s menu also consists of Japanese/Chinese noodles, Korean food (particularly ribs and steaks), and one plate that serves Portuguese sausage.
Each plate at Noho’s is served with the meat you ordered, rice and macaroni salad. A small plate(Menehune) has one scoop of each, a regular order consists of one scoop of macaroni salad and two scoops of rice, and a large(Blalah) has two scoops of each.
My mother, sister and I ordered small plates, and it was plenty. If you have a big appetite, a regular may fill you up. A particularly large appetite would be needed to eat the entire large order. This was the only thing that I disliked about this restaurant.
The atmosphere was great. The smell of teriyaki chicken flooded the air, and the service was amazing. The staff were very polite and welcoming, despite the crowd that must have been annoying to them. The restaurant was a bit crowded at the time, which at first was irritating, but it only became understandable as time went on, because the food was great.
I would give this restaurant 4.6 stars out of five, because it was a delightful experience. So, If you are craving Hawaiian food, then go pay Noho’s Hawaiian Cafe a visit. And luckily, you can visit them in these locations: E Mcandrews rd, Medford, Oregon; SE Clinton st., Portland, Oregon; or NE Fremont St., Portland, Oregon. Or, you can have them Cater your events! I truly hope that you can visit this restaurant sometime, because it was a very joyful experience!