Why Parents Should Have Standards for What They Give Their Kids

Lizzie Richards, Staff Writer

Parents should set standards and limits for the presents their child receives in order to protect them from social media,avoid unreasonable requests and avoid unnecessary debt.

Why should kids between the ages of 9-14 be getting all the new smart phones and be able to get social media. I mean some kids are responsible with stuff like that , however not many kids are not. They post inappropriate stuff and hurt people just because they want to. Statistics show that kids that have social media are more prone to suicide and drugs and depression.

Another reason is that sometimes kids are unreasonable on what they want for Christmas and then the parents feeling guilty go and get it for them. Some kids then grow up being spoiled and never succeed in life because their parents got them whatever they wanted. The parents set the kids up for destruction if the parents give the kids whatever they want the kids will grow up expecting that everyone gives them whatever they want.

My last reason is if you do not set limits for the presents then when the stuff is unreasonable then it might put you in debt. If the child’s needs are unreasonable then you might be paying for something that is way too expensive. If you do not set limits for the child then when you can’t afford what they want they will most likely throw a tantrum. Then you will have to try to deal with the child.

The positive outcome of not letting children have social media is they are more likely to graduate well they have more self esteem they are less entitled to depression and to start taking drugs. That is why I think parents should set standards for their children’s presents.