Franklin Delano Roosevelt: America’s Most Influential President

Galo Parker, Staff Writer

I am going to type about a president I believe is the most influential president in American history. The 3 reasons is that he was elected multiple times, helped our country during the Great Depression, and also led us through most of WW2.
First off, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born in 1882, and became the 32nd president of the USA, from 1932 to 1945. He was appointed as the Assistant Secretary of the Navy in 1920. In 1928, he was appointed Governor of New York. He helped his country throughout his life, and died from polio in 1945.
When he was elected, the unemployment rate was around 13,000,000, and almost all the banks were closed due to the Great Depression. Right away he started a program to where it helped recover agriculture and businesses that were lost. It also helped with people’s houses and farms because it helped lower the tax on them. Also, he made sure that people had enough food, and he opened up soup kitchens and all of that.
During WW2, He addressed to the people about how the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was bad. During the war, he started the Manhattan Project, which was the creation of the nuclear bomb. He was also part of the “Big Three” or the three leaders of the Allied forces, which included him, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and Russian dictator Joseph Stalin. He won his fourth term in office, just to die a couple months later.