Which is worse: a drought or flood?


Comparison of drought conditions and flood conditions at Hamilton Pool. Image used under the Creative Commons License via Wikimedia Commons.

Emily Geise, Staff Writer

A drought is worse than a flood. The reason I say that is because if there is a drought, there is no food, and less water. I understand that if there is a flood, then people will lose their houses and maybe their loved ones will drown, yet, they can move to a new place. In certain states and countries, food grows more, due to water, type of soil, how much sunlight and temperature the plant gets, and water has a huge impact on plant growth.The longest drought ever was about 45 years, and that is harsh. In a flood, lots of houses will be ruined and pets die and so do people.

Floods destroy a lot of places, but so do droughts. There must be water to grow food and we need food to survive. We also need air and that comes from trees. If we do not have air, we cannot breath, and we would all die.People could also lose their livestock. Animals need water to live, and depending on the size and area it lives in, it could die. Many young kids and parents need lots of water to stay hydrated and you are limited on how much water your body takes in.

In conclusion, a drought is worse. Many people would die, and people‚Äôs homes could get destroyed and many people could go thirsty, let’s hope there will never be a drought or a flood. Both are horrible, yet, they could both happen, so, let’s hope either of them will not ever happen.