Which is Worse?

Jaycie Hale, Staff Writer

I think that a drought is worse unless you already have a lot of water that can last you through the drought. I think that if you have a flood then the community benefits from it by getting enough water to last them through other drought or other disasters but also they could not benefit from it because it could seriously ruin houses and cause a lot of money for the community to have to try to clean and pay for. Also many people can live with outer people and not have a house for awhile, but if there is a drought then people can’t live with water and they can use all their water. Also when farmers find out about droughts they freak out because for one they have to still feed and water their livestock but they have to have water for that. Another concern for farmers when there is a drought is watering their crops because you are only limited for a certain amount of water a day and farmers only live off of what their farmer produces and gets paid by the people that by their crops.
Not only are farmers concerned, the whole city is concerned because they could die. Most moms believe in only giving their children water and kids can’t go long without water. Also all the stores have to stop making business because they don’t receive any food or drinks because everything is made with water. Soon after a while of not having much water the city has to start calling to other parts of their state or even another state for resources. Many people do over react when they find out that there is going to be a drought, but what they really don’t know is during drought you still get water there is just very little water and you are very limited, but if you are in drought for a long time they could eventually completely run out. The drought could cause the city lots of money to fix things and get more resources.
Many people ask “floods cause more damage and more money” yes that is true, but the city does in a way benefit from it and it helps the farmers and people don’t freak out as much. Most of the time floods are really not that bad they are just scary sometimes, but most floods are only car deep which does mean that you are not aloud to drive your car, but you can drive a boat or a canoe around yes if there is a major flood it will do lots of money in damage and it will/can kill people. Many people may think that it is fine if there is a flood, but make sure that nothing is in your basement and your kids are safe and can swim. Never allow your kid to go or sleep in the basement all by itself. Stay on the very top floor and stay safe.
Many people may think that they are about the same damage, but I think that droughts have more effects and are scarier. It’s even more scary to be in a very hot, dry, waterless place and it is hard for any live animal/human to live there.