Review: Once Upon a Time Season 1

Branson Willis, Staff Writer

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*****Caution this article may include spoilers*****

Once Upon a Time is a very popular TV show on ABC. The show is about your favorite fairytale characters being cursed by the Evil Queen, or Regina, to live in our world without magic and without memories. The only person who can break the curse is the savior, Emma Swan. Emma is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. In order to ensure that their daughter will become the savior and break the curse the Charmings put their daughter in a magical wardrobe that will send her to our world right after she is born. Emma grows up without a family her whole life and has a baby boy at the age of 18. She doesn’t want the baby, so she puts him up for adoption. Later, in the town of Storybrooke, where the fairytale characters live, Mr. Gold, or Rumpelstiltskin, gets the boy for the Evil Queen and she names him Henry. She finds out that he is the savior’s son and plans to put Henry up for adoption again but decides to keep him when at the adoption center.

Henry shows up at Emma’s apartment on her 28th birthday and takes her back to Storybrooke. He knows that everyone is a fairytale character and tries to get Emma to believe so that she can break the curse.Once Upon a Time is great, with its flashbacks to the Enchanted Forest to show all the fairytale characters backstories. In present time Emma is having a constant battle with the Evil Queen over their son Henry. This hate relationship between the two gives the show a little spice to lead up to Emma loving Henry and the curse being broken. In the flashbacks we also get to see the Charmings fight against the Evil Queen and the events leading up to the curse.

Emma gets employed by Graham, the town sheriff, to be his deputy. This makes Regina mad and her anger towards Emma grows. Graham starts to remember his past life and seeks help from Henry to make him remember. He believes that he doesn’t have a heart and that it’s in a building at a cemetery. He takes Emma with him to go look for it but Regina finds them. Graham chooses Emma over Regina and that makes Regina very mad. Regina takes Graham’s heart and crushes it, which kills him. This whole love triangle makes the show better because it adds to Emma and Regina’s hate relationship.

Snow White, or Mary Margret in the cursed world, has an affair with a married man named David Nolan, who his Prince Charming. This causes everyone to hate her and when David’s wife goes missing she is to blame. Emma proves her innocence and Mary Margret is free. This shows us how the curse works to keep people from their happiness and gives us some added entertainment.

Regina is plotting to get rid of Emma by working with the Mad Hatter and bringing back the poison apple that she used on Snow White. She makes the apple into an apple pie and gives it to Emma. Henry goes to Emma’s place and when he sees the apple pie he tells her not to eat it. When Emma doesn’t believe him, Henry eats the apple and falls into a sleeping curse. Emma takes Henry to the doctor and they can’t figure out why he passed out. When Emma touches Henry’s story book she remembers everything and gets mad at Regina. They end up working together and go to Mr. Gold for help with Henry. He tells them that he has bottles of true love and that it can heal Henry. There is a catch and it is that the true love is in a dragon and Emma has to get it. Emma succeeds and gets the bottle but Mr. Gold takes it. Emma and Regina go back to the hospital and Henry “dies,” but Emma does something and you’re going to have to watch the show to figure out what it is. Those are the events adding up to Emma breaking the curse.

Overall Once Upon a Time is a great so that you should watch. It has everything, love, hate, drama, fairies, and even dwarves. If you are looking for a show to watch I highly suggest watching Once Upon a Time.

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