The Honest Truth Book Review

Aurora Stanton, Staff Writer

The Honest Truth is a realistic fiction book by Dan Gemeinhart an author of many books such as, Some Kind Of Courage, Good Dog, Scar Island. This book was published by Scholastic on January 27, 2015.

In this book Mark, a 12 year old kid with cancer runs away from home with his dog beau to climb Mt. Rainier because he wants it to be the last thing he does before he dies. At home his parents are worried as well as his best friend “Jessie” who has known him his whole life. Even though she knows where he is going and where he is at, she cant tell anyone. She promised Mark and she couldn’t break that promise.

This book was a very good book and it was time well spent to read. There were lots of unexpected things in the book too. The main character was amazing because he was brave and he did things that were scary to him . Although, this story wasn’t very believable. I didn’t think that he could get that far without dying or getting caught. In the book he faced obstacles and he went through a lot to get to the mountain. I think the story would be better if the author made it more believable. With how sick mark is and how he barley had any food I think it would be a lot harder for him than it was.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes sad books and to anyone who likes reading realistic fiction books. The story wasn’t very long but had many new things on every page. This was a very good book and I liked it a lot.