Maximum Ride Review

Tammy Farrer, Staff Writer

In Maximum Ride Angel Experiment written by James Patterson published by Little Brown. They are running from the animals sent from the school. The school is a lab where they make impossible things like angels. Max who is very sarcastic and 14, Fang who is goth and he is 13, Iggy is blind he’s 12, Gasman let out a lot of gas he is 7, Angel is the youngest but the sweetest thing you’ll meet and she’s only 6. They are the man-made angels that escaped the school. They have been wild for almost seven years and about the fifth year the scientist that let them out disappeared and was never seen again.

Angel wants to go berry picking so everyone went berry picking. But something goes wrong that makes Max, Fang and Nudge go after Angel. Meanwhile Gassy and Iggy are at home sulking when the Erasers come. Iggy and Gassy do something to make the Erasers let them go.

While Max, Fang and Nudge are flying Max sees a fight going on and she wants to help so she went to help and while she was running away, she got shot. And, before she left, she told Fang and Nudge to go ahead and she’ll meet them at this cave. But she didn’t make it for three days.

I loved this book it was very engaging and funny you will never want to put it down. It leaves you hanging though I would recommend it to anyone doesn’t really like to read because it’s short and you can read it easily, I give it five out of five stars. I hope you enjoy!