Cord Mincher, Staff Writer

Exploring uncharted territory for a lost treasure seems to be a popular idea for entertainment such as video games, movies, books, etc. Take Indiana Jones, for example. Tomb raider? There are many others, too.
One of those other examples just happens to be my favorite video games, too. This game is called uncharted. The video game series is very popular, too, selling 28 million copies by 2016. The gamemakers, naughty dog, also produced The last of us, and Watchdogs, other popular video games. Uncharted is sold on playstation.
So far, 5 games have been released. I, personally, have only played the first three, since Uncharted 4: A thief’s end and Uncharted: the lost legacy were released on Playstation 4. Naughty Dog is actually calling The Lost Legacy its own game, not necessarily a part of the uncharted series, but it feature some of the same main characters.
The game combines a third person shooter element, as well as puzzles, parkour navigation, car chase scenes. Each game introduces new characters, a new treasure hunt with new antagonists, and an intense, thrilling storyline. Uncharted is rated T for teen, but some say that they let their younger kids play this game. I would say that an appropriate age to play this game would be 10-11 years old, depending on the kid.
The main character of the Uncharted series is Nathan Drake, a so-called descendant of Sir Francis Drake, an English admiral and privateer from the 1500’s. In the first game, Drakes Fortune, Nate and his friend, Sully, are searching for the city El Dorado, following in Francis Drake’s footsteps. They use a journalist named Elena, to get to their first clue. How ever, a group of pirates is on their trail, and soon Drake and his friend Sully have to befriend Elena. The rest of the game is the three’s quest through a Caribbean island to find the city, which turns out to be cursed.
The second game, Among Thieves, features new bad guys and new protagonists. The heroes are this time fighting a higher trained army, led by a dangerous war criminal. The five protagonists are Jeff, Elana, Nathan, Sully, and Chloe. This time the protagonists are searching for the Chintamani stone, a myth that they believe is real. This time they follow in Marco Polo’s footsteps. They find evidence that Marco Polo had seen the Chintamani stone. They believe the stone is in Shambala, a lost city, kind of like Atlantis.
In The next game, Drake’s Deception, the heroes search for the “Atlantis of The Sands” also called “Iram Of the Pillars”. We see part of Drake’s life as a child living on the streets of a city in Columbia, where he meets a younger Sully. We see them combine their knowledge to start their search for El Dorado. Then, we see the streets of London, where the heroes start their search for “Atlantis of the Sands”. This time Drake and his friends find themselves racing a Secret English organization that kept itself alive from the 1500’s.
I loved this game, and if you haven’t played it and it sounds like your style of game, then go check it out. If you don’t have a playstation, you can download it on certain Gaming websites such as Steam.
The treasure hunt-adventure genre seems very popular in the entertainment industry. Check the genre out- you might like it!