Why are YouTubers Making Songs Now?

Branson Willis, Staff Writer

YouTubers usually had a single genre of videos that they make but recently some YouTuber’s genres have changed. YouTubers who usually just made videos like vlogs (video blogs), challenges, reviews, tutorials, and a bunch of other videos. Yet, just recently popular YouTubers have been making songs, which are far from their usual content. Why have they been making songs? Well, let’s find out.

Many popular YouTubers have been making songs but some of the most popular YouTubers are making songs also. Take Jake Paul for instance he has over 13 million subscribers and released is first hit song early 2017. This song wasn’t what started the song making chain. His song was popular in his community but other communities, like his brother, Logan Paul’s community hated the song. Beyond all that the song still grew in popularity and even became one of that months most popular song/meme. A meme is a joke that is popular around the internet for a period of time. After this Jake Paul and his brother both started making songs and posting in to their channels. At the time Jake Paul had made more songs but they were all mostly made in one day and were almost all not liked by the YouTube community. The Paul brothers even had one of the biggest YouTube conflicts ever and made “diss tracks”, a song exploiting another’s wrong doings and making fun of them.

Some people said that at the time the Paul brothers were making these songs for popularity and money. If this was the Paul brothers goal than they succeeded because it was at this time that they gained popularity on YouTube and both of their channels started to become the most popular on YouTube.

The Paul brothers may have been one of the most popular YouTubers but they weren’t the only ones who started making songs. Other YouTubers such as Alex Wassabi, Shane Dawson, Erika Costell, Dwarf Mamba, Chance and Anthony, Tanner Fox, Taylor Alesia, the Martinez Twins, and many more have been making songs and music videos to join in on the trend. However, quite a few of those YouTubers are part of the Paul brother’s community.

These songs that they make get a lot of views and help them with their channels and money making. So, from what I’ve seen we could say that YouTubers are making these songs to help their earnings and channels, keep up with the latest YouTube trends, and maybe for their own entertainment. What do you think, do you think that they should keep making these songs or stop?