Why we dream

Alayna Peirson, Staff Writer

People can dream for lots of different reason. People don’t actually know why we dream. There are so many different types of dreams, nightmares, lucid dreaming, etc. When we dream our brain has full control. These are some theory’s on why we dream. (facts about dreaming)

People believe that everyone dreams every night even if we don’t remember it the next day. Dreams can help we concur fear or other things. Dreams are what we have already seen or want to see. If you are afraid of dying you most likely die in your dreams. (facts about dreaming)

Dreams can make you feel certain ways. Example if you have a dream that your dog died you might wake up and feel the need to pet your dog. Your dreams can make you realize something that you didn’t know you were scared of. Not dreaming can cause ”weight gain, depression, tendency to hallucinate, lack of coordination, anxiety, depression”. Dreaming can help you forgive yourself or help you get to that point. (facts about dreaming)

You can dream in different ways. You dream can be black and white or in color. People believe that you start dreaming from the time you are born to the time you die. People say that dreaming is its own language. People say that dreaming can help with your wisdom and the way you think. (in your dreams)


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