Region 1 Tang Soo Do Black Belt Test

Caleb Cathey, Staff Writer

This article is about the Region 1 black belt test. This test is one of the hardest test you can take, only your instructor can tell you if you are ready.

This test was presented on October 7, 2017. Seventeen applicants tested for black belt or second degree black belt. There were three different schools testing. The first school was called Evergreen Martial Arts. They had twelve people testing for their studio. The studio I am from is called Roseburg Martial Arts Academy, we had four people testing including me. The third school that tested is called Dragon Heart, they had only one person testing.

We started off with a hundred question test about how Tang Soo Do was developed. We went straight into warmups, then into basics. Basics are defences you can use for certain attacks. After that forms. Forms are patterns with blocks and strikes. There are many different types of forms. Right after that we went into weapon forms. It’s the same thing as forms but with a weapon like a sword, staff, or knife. After the forms were finished we went into one steps. One steps are a little group of moves that you use for hand and weapon defense. In my opinion, some of them I would rather not use.

The last part of the test we did was board breaking. This is when you kind of get to show of. You were assigned a number. When they called your number, that was your time to set up and break your boards. There were all kinds of different breaks, including punches, knees, head buts, kicks and elbows,. It was pretty cool to watch them break boards in different ways, but not everyone broke their boards.

This was my report on the region 1 black belt test, I hope you guys thought this was cool because it was an amazing experience. If you guys are interested in this go to Roseburg Martial Arts Academy on 1523 NE St, Roseburg, OR 97470. Thank you for reading this and have a great day.