Warrior Track Team Opens the Season at Home


K. Waggoner

Erynn Brown flies over the bar in the high jump.

Warrior Staff

The Warriors had their first home track meet on April 13, 2017 at Douglas High School. Our athletes did a great job and started the season off strong.

K. Waggoner
Cory Kilts and Gio Boyle are neck-and-neck as they race to the finish line.
Cory Kilts came in 2nd, Gio Boyle took 3rd, Riley Kerr placed 6th, and Anthony Tidrick came in 8th for the 8th grade boys’ 100 meters. Gavin Gilmore came in 2nd in the 7th grade boys 100 meters. For the girls, Jazmin Lund took 1st and Grace Barker-Leuis came in 6th in the 8th grade 100 meters. Jade Hall took 1st, Ellie Wiegman 2nd, and Haley Carlson 4th in the 7th grade 100 meters.

In the 200 meters, Anthony Tidrick came in 7th and Elijah Larocque 8th for the 8th grade boys. Dawson Osterman came in 2nd and Dante’ Cook took 4th for the 7th grade boys. For the 8th grade girls, Jazmin Lund took 2nd and Whitney Evans placed 3rd. Jade Hall took 1st place in the 200 meters for the 7th grade girls.

In the 400 meters for 8th grade boys, Cory Kilts placed 1st and JJ Williams placed 6th. For the 7th grade boys, Dawson Osterman took 2nd, DeJuan Adams 3rd, and Jaden Knight 8th. No 7th or 8th grade girls from WMS participated in the 400 meters.

John Hunt placed in 8th, Tyler Herron in 10th, and JJ Williams in 11th for the 8th grade boys in the 800 meters for 8th grade boys. Cord Mincher took 5th in the 1500 meters for 7th grade boys.

In the 100m Hurdles, Mackenzii Phillips took 1st place and Grace Barker-Leuis took 3rd for the 8th grade girls. For the 7th grade girls, Faith Rademacher placed in 2nd. In the 110m Hurdles, Holden Schuster took 4th for the 8th grade boys. Gavin Gilmore took 2nd in the 110m Hurdles for the 7th grade boys.

K. Waggoner
Mackenzii Phillips flies over the hurdle.

Mackenzii Phillips also took 1st place in the 200m Hurdles for 8th grade girls. Jesse Brecht took 1st place for the 8th grade boys in the 200m Hurdles. Austyn Jones placed 2nd and Cord Mincher 5th in the 200m Hurdles for 7th grade boys.

Winston’s 8th grade girls and boys 4×100 Relay teams both placed in 1st. The girls team consisted of Jazmin Lund, Mackenzii Phillips, Shalynn Thorp, and Whitney Evans. Riley Kerr, Gio Boyle, Reston James, and Cory Kilts were on the 1st place boys team. WMS also took 4th place in the 4×100 relay for 8th grade boys. On the 4th place team are Trenton Burson, John Hunt, Tyler Herron, and Holden Schuster. The 7th grade boys 4×100 relay teams placed in 1st and 3rd. On the first place team are Gavin Gilmore, DeJuan Adams, Dawson Osterman, and Dante’ Cook. The third place team was composed of Austyn Jones, Caleb Jones, Christian Lanham, and Brady Anderson.

8th grader Emma Freeman placed in 6th for shot put. 8th grader Uriah Stoffal took 3rd place in shot put for the boys. Miriam Stoffal placed in 2nd and Karisa Whightsil in 4th for the 7th grade girls shot put. John Grant took 5th and Ricardo Valle 6th in 7th grade boys shot put.

Jesse Brecht placed 1st and Elijah Larocque 7th in 8th grade boys discus. Amy Dickover took 4th in 8th grade girls discus. Ricardo Valle took 1st place in 7th grade boys discus and Kali Cockrum-Clark took 2nd, Kaycie Hamilton 3rd, and Karisa Whigtsil 6thin 7th grade girls discus.

In javelin, Reston James placed 4th, Uriah Stoffal 6th, and David Little 11th for 8th grade. For the 8th grade girls, Mackenzii Phillips placed 1st, Amy Dickover 3rd, and Alissa Parson 4th. Dawson Osterman took 1st and John Grant 2nd for the 7th grade boys.

K. Waggoner
David Little launches his javelin.

Shalynn Thorp took 2nd and Erynn Brown 4th in the high jump for 8th grade girls. Ellie Wiegman took 1st place and Kali Cockrum-Clark 4th in high jump for 7th grade girls. Austyn Jones took 4th and Caleb Jones 6th in high jump for 7th grade boys.

Cory Kilts took 2nd and JJ Williams 10th in 8th grade boys long jump. Emma Freeman placed 5th in 8th grade girls long jump. DeJuan Adams took 1st, Austyn Jones 2nd, Dante’ Cook 3rd, and Holden Schuster 3rd in junior varsity long jump. For the 7th grade girls, Haley Carlson took 1st and Kaycie Hamilton 2nd in long jump.