2018 Super Bowl in Review

Kierra Bennett, Staff Writer

Have you ever heard of the Super Bowl? It happens every single year, at the end of the seasons. The Super Bowl is the National Football League’s championship game. It’s held every year in the United States. Originally it was a game played between the champions of the NFL. The super bowl is one of the most watched broadcasts on American television each year. The Super Bowl is the second-largest day for food consumption in the U.S. with Thanksgiving Day being the first (Naquin).

This year the eagles and the patriots played in the 2018 super bowl. The Eagles had their first win in history. The final score was 41-33 the Eagles with a win. Did you watch the game? I have never been a huge fan of the patriots. Just because they lost doesn’t mean they aren’t good though. Tom Brady set his own new record for passing yards. He finished with a total of 505 passing yards! That wasn’t the only record though. The Eagles and Patriots combined for most net offensive yards in Super Bowl history. (2012)

Professional football arrived in New England on November 16, 1959. James Harrison a good football player is now playing for the Patriots. This was his 4th Super Bowl. The Patriots have just clinched its record-breaking tenth Super Bowl berth and its eighth in the past 17 years. The Philadelphia Eagles are one of the older teams in the NFL and through the years have had some great players suit up for them. These players have put up big numbers in touchdowns, rushing yards, interceptions, passing yards, tackles, and more. Those are all great statistical categories to lead a team in.

While it is now one of the biggest sports events of the year, the Super Bowl originally got its name from a simple children’s toy. Coined by Lamar Hunt, the Kansas City Chiefs owner, in 1966, the Super Bowl was named after the Super Ball a bouncy ball which was one of the most popular toys in America in the mid-1960s. The term “bowl” was already frequently used to refer to the last game in collegiate football seasons and was incorporated into professional football lingo. (Rowena)

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