Superbowl LI

Jazmin Lund, Staff Writer

The 51st Super Bowl was on February 5th between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons. During the half-time show Lady Gaga performed a lot of her popular songs. She was attached to a wire that allowed her to hop around and jump onto the stage, causing most of the crowd to gasp and scream with horror.
First quarter, the Falcons kicked butt, leaving the Patriots with no touchdown or field goal for that quarter. The second quarter, Atlanta scored two more touchdowns, and the Patriots scored one touchdown, missing the field goal. The Patriots had a stressful time, but after half-time they picked it up. They scored two mores touchdowns for both quarter three and four. By the end of fourth quarter both the teams were tied, causing them to go into overtime. This was the first overtime in NFL Super Bowl history.
Thanks to the tie, New England won, leaving the score 34-28. This was the Patriots’ 5th win of the Super Bowl, one behind the Pittsburgh Steelers. This win meant a lot to New England and its fans. They are hoping to win their 6th Super Bowl next year.
According to many people, the commercials weren’t that good, but Mackenzii Phillips said, “The T-Mobile commercials were kinda gross, but funny at the same time.” Many other people agreed.