Ariana Berlin: Elite Gymnast and Dancer

Emily Hanson, Staff Writer

Ariana Berlin is an elite gymnast that was on her way to becoming an Olympian until she got in a major car accident. The accident put her in the hospital with two broken wrists, a broken leg, a fractured leg, two broken ribs, a broken collarbone, and both of her lungs punctured. She was in a coma for five days and when she woke up, she started physical therapy, so she could learn how to walk again. Her right leg had completely shattered, and she had to get a medal rod in her leg.

A few months after the Olympics, she was walking with one crunch. Her therapist was a professional dancer and wanted to get on the road with rock stars and be a backup dancer, but her group didn’t have enough special moves. Ariana taught them a few flips and their dream came true.

Once Ariana fully recovered, she started doing hip hop dancing with them. A little later, Ariana started doing gymnastics again. She got into UCLA which is an athlete college for the best athletes in the world in Los Angles, California.

She wanted to do gymnastics and hip hop, but her coach said Ariana needed to put all her energy in gymnastics if she wanted to be a professional gymnast. Ariana did both instead and her dance group showed her some more moves, and she choreographed a new routine that was better than her other one. Her coach liked it, so Ariana brought her dance group to the gym and they taught the other girls to dance also.

Ariana still does gymnastics and dance today. She also has a movie made about her called “Full Out”. Ariana is an amazing gymnast, dancer and she really inspires me.