Shawn Johnson East: Olympian & Vlogger

Emily Hanson, Staff Writer

Shawn Johnson East was an Olympic gymnast in 2008. Now she is a vlogger on YouTube and does interviews with other Olympians, meet and greets and other things.

Shawn got married on April 16th, 2016 to Andrew East. Andrew was a football player at Vanderbilt but now goes around the world with Shawn and vlogs with her on YouTube.

Shawn and Andrew went to the 2016 gymnastics Olympic trails. She appeared on the panel to pick the Olympic team and she was in the parade of past Olympic gymnasts. After that she went to Rio and watched the team compete for U.S.A.

Shawn was an amazing gymnast and now she is an amazing vlogger. She inspires me a lot and she inspires many other gymnasts around the world.